‘Take a moment’ with Bob Clausen to reflect on the vaccine

Bob's Commentary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Take a moment with Bob Clausen.

“Time to take a moment.. and talk about ‘the vaccine’.

Did you know during World War One pilots did not wear parachutes.

The planes they flew were made of fabric and wood, they sat on the gas tank.

When they got shot down and if crashed without burning alive were lucky, the crash would kill them anyway though.

The parachute existed..but they were not given to pilots–for any number of reasons, none that made sense to the pilots.

They asked for them, were dying waiting to try them. A lot of them would have been saved if they had it.

What does all this have to do with the covid-19 vaccine..          

We asked for it..a lot of people died waiting for it..and here it is. 

Today the one millionth vaccine was given out in Arkansas.

Millions more have gotten the shot. Been vaxed whatever the kids are calling it these days. 

I won’t tell you, you should..or should not get a vaccine. Not going to tell you to put on a parachute if you go up in a bi-plane.

Given the choice I’m sure you’d put one on..you’re not planning on crashing but it’s good to know you have it..just in case.

Think we should think about the vaccine the same way.

Like a seatbelt. You’re not planning on a wreck..but it’s there.

A lot has been said about side effects and the blood clot danger of the one..now on hold.

Think about this, a severe reaction to the COVID-19 vaccination is rare, one of the worst reactions occurred in approximately 2 to 5 people per million.

Yeah so there is a chance..but think about this. 

Typically, one in a thousand parachutes will have some sort of malfunction..even knowing that..you’d still put the chute on right?

Do your own research, talk to who you know and who you trust.

We asked for it, it’s here, take a moment.

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