‘Take a Moment’ with Bob Clausen

Bob's Commentary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Take a Moment with Bob Clausen.

From time to time I force myself to take a moment.

This has been one of those weeks, it kicked off with the shooting of a ten year old girl.

That will set you back on your heels-and it should.

Another story was about a 10 year old who died, and the parents are facing charges.

There were other shootings and deaths, there always are.

People often say to me, ‘I don’t watch the news, to much violence and tragedy.’ yes, there is.

Just another day at the office right? Well yeah, and there are good days and bad days, and yes, it gets to each one of us.

But, when we open the window to these things we don’t want people to slam it shut and draw the blinds.

We do it, in part, hoping people will see these things through the window, go to the door and take steps toward change.

We try through our Victory Over Violence campaign –the people and kids who we have reached, you’ll never know about. 

You won’t see their mug shots, hear about the crimes they committed.

They or their parents saw a chance to walk through that door toward change..they know who they are and we should all be proud of them.

We also ran a story this week where the mother of a young woman who was murdered talked about the last time they talked and offered this advice.

“Don’t forget, when you see your child, tell them you love them. it could be your last words,”

Yes accidents happen, but when we are losing young people, children, to gunfire, abuse and neglect..at the hands of another, if we all haven’t tried to change something out there, we all own a piece of the bad.

If we try and encourage doing the right things, helping not hurting others..and working to make a better life for yourself and others.. the view out the window we open each night..will never force anyone to reach for the blinds.

Take a moment.

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