Take a Moment with Bob Clausen

Bob's Commentary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Take a Moment with Bob Clausen:

“The stand your ground bill is one step away from becoming law in Arkansas..all it needs is the governor’s signature.

Essentially it means if you are on my property or in the same area as me, a city park or parking lot for example, and are presenting to me, a manner in which my life is clearly threatened with deadly force, I don’t have to run away. 

I can take yours with deadly force. I can, stand my ground.

We’ve heard a lot of debate about stand your ground… I’m not going to debate it.

But, why is there no debate on the “keep your feet off my property law” “keep your hands off my stuff law” “stay out the parked car in my garage law” “keep your hands off my family law” 

These are the things that will prompt a swift and significant reaction.

Understand your ground-if it turns into an altercation, under the guidelines of the law, it could end badly.         

There are an infinite set of circumstances where a person who is confronted can essentially

Take action, understand your ground, that means take the life threatening theirs.

All you have to do is look at neighborhood Facebook pages to see people are fed up with being robbed, homes broken into, cars picked through in the middle of the night..and I’m talking neighborhood groups posting pictures of suspects from all demographic groups..uptown, downtown, in town and out of town.

I don’t know that ‘stand your ground’ will cause people to act different if confronted.

I think ‘stand your ground’ should cause people to stop doing these things..because the game, or crime is now for keeps, if you cross a person’s line in the sand to do them harm.

What is not threatening to one person is terrifying to the next.., stand your ground should give us all pause..to stand down from what might create a situation that has no positive outcome..only tragic.

A genuine legal eagle..the longest-serving prosecuting attorney in the largest district in the state, Pulaski Countys Larry Jegley, a man I’ve known for more than 25 years..would always cuts through the legal jargon of a case and say “Bob, if people just do the right thing, nothing wrong will happen to them” and then under the law, he would have to send them to prison for what they did. 

Maybe we should focus on teaching people about following the right path, by not doing the wrong thing. No excuses.

I can’t see anyone debating that. Take a moment.”

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