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Bob's Commentary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — KARK 4’s Bob Clausen wants to take a moment to think about being in the other’s shoes when it comes to traffic stops.

“Over the last few years traffic stops by police have been in the news, not all of it good. 

Not one of them follows a uniform pattern, they start out that way, then take a turn.

Traffic stops can be so dangerous, I’m not breaking any news here-police follow a set procedure when pulling you over and approaching your car.

They are so dangerous they even leave physical evidence around that connects them to you, before they even speak to, in case they get hurt or killed.

Maybe it’s time we all start working from the same playbook.

During the course of getting a driver’s license, it would be a great idea if states require a driver take and pass a traffic stop test.

How to be pulled over, where to pull over, why it is you may be getting pulled over…and exactly what you should do and who to call if you are not comfortable stopping right away.  

Step by step things you should do when an officer walks up to your car.

Also step by step things the officer should and should not be doing when he is interacting with you–it has to work both ways. 

Most of this is already in the manual, but because..even if you’re not sure why you’re getting pulled over, once those blue lights flare up behind you..you can be so stunned and nervous you forget how to drive..let alone stop the car.

But if it’s put into practice..and you have gone through the motions, the more a driver’s training will help calm your nerves.

I’ve been pulled over..and probably looked so nervous I’m sure the officer thought I was guilty of a whole more than not paying attention to the speed limit.

My dad made the rules for me..if and when you get pulled over, roll your window down..hands on steering wheel, keep your mouth shut, do as you are asked. If you broke the law you are going to go to jail..call me when they let you.

When pulling you over it’s the great unknown for police, what’s on their mind?

Here’s an example   

Don McGuire was a Little Rock Police Officer, he stopped a car that ran a red light and questioned the driver.

Walking back to his police car he was shot and killed. The man he stopped had just committed an armed robbery. Don was 23 years old.

Each year the outstanding rookie for LRPD receives the Don McGuire award.

Don’s case happens a lot, and it’s one reason police are already on edge before they get to your car door.

Police need to understand too, given events of the past few years. some drivers are concerned that they are getting pulled offer for no other reason than to be harassed.

If for any reason you run from police..they can often run faster and at that point..the race will never end well..if for a second, we put ourselves in their shoes and they put themselves in ours..there may be more understanding and trust.

Take a moment.”

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