Take a Moment to think about taxes, but also remember to look at the calendar

Bob's Commentary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — We seemingly live in a time when everything around is is being taxed.

Even with the most needed aspects of what we have in our lives being made a taxable commodity, KARK 4 News anchor Bob Clausen believes that we should consider the individual first.

“Time to take a moment because someone wants to take some more of your money with what we’re actually taxed on.

Income, property, belongings, usage tax.

Looking at a recent tax proposal I was overwhelmed with what we’re actually taxed on.

I dug deep and saw the proposed carbon clear usage tax per individual in total.

I’m all in for clean air in efforts to back up on pollution but an individual tax on how much air we breathe; smokers get taxed double.

It’s calculated by age and geographic location point, and that seems fair but to a point.

I don’t think that we should tax the younger person for the air we breathe as much as an older person but, if I read it right, calculated smallest usage will pay proportionately to the oxygen we breathe over our estimated lifetime about 10 to $100 a month depending on the occupation.

If we’re more active, the polls suggest we pay more because we’ll be using oxygen.

Younger people don’t use as much oxygen as older Americans.

You’ll have a choice to pay up front for estimated oxygen usage or be taxed each year.

They suggested that once this is passed, we pay back taxes on what we’ve used up since our last birthday.

On that note, if April 1st is your birthday then Happy Birthday and April Fools.

Take a moment. 

Breathe easy.

No one is going to make you pay for the air we breathe…I hope.”

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