Take a moment to teach resolution without conflict

Bob's Commentary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Take a moment with Bob Clausen to think about conflict and resolution and solving problems.

“Time to take a moment and address something the Little Rock Police Chief recently said during an interview that really stood out to me.

The chief knows drugs and guns are an issue, and they lead to violence, but he added what this city has is a ‘conflict-resolution’ problem. 

There are so many conflicts playing out, on so many levels everything is effected. 

From the city, state, and federal governments, between races, political parties, and yes our children. even citizens and the police who protect them.

It seems the status quo to resolving a conflict is to meet it with equal if not more conflict–no resolution.

That cycle results in perpetual conflict, stalemates, no progress and yes shootings.

The practice of resolution has gone out the window.

When we talk about what kids are being taught these days the vast majority of it is valuable–and there are programs for conflict resolution, but how much emphasis are they getting, not sure about the chief, but I’d say not much.

How’s ‘conflict-resolution’ working in D.C.?

Ask your congressman–not great. Worldwide–more of the same.

If there is an argument at the dinner table..and when dinner is over and only one person is doing the dishes..there was no resolution..not a great way to end the day.

Resolving conflict means communicating, understanding you can’t always get your way..so we should create ‘our way’ to avoid conflict in the future and move forward together.

There’s a great deal of debate on what should be mandated in schools from raced based topics–equality-gender rights and identity and so on. 

Seems to me if conflict-resolution education was required for kids..in school and..at the dinner table, then we’d see less of a debate on all the other, because there would be no need…we’d have level headed people avoiding conflict and reaching a resolution on those topics..not stuck in conflict.

Take a moment.”

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