Take a moment to remember why we celebrate Labor day

Bob's Commentary

“Labor day is upon us, if you have to work I’m sorry, you shouldn’t. 

That’s the whole idea behind labor day, celebrating the American worker.

But you know, we all need a little time off.. physically and mentally.

It’s been a tough few months for a lot of people for a lot of reasons..here and in places we just left.

Is it going to get any easier? yes. yes, it will. when? I can’t answer that, but I know it will because it always does.

There’s a great concept in life, ‘live in the now. day in day out we think about what unfolded yesterday at work, around the world, in hospitals and on city streets, schools, what are our kids doing? are they okay? or why are the neighbor’s dogs barking so late at night.

What a concept in life is,  well ‘life’ i suppose..those things come and go minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. 

If..we take a moment to live in the ‘now’ right now, and look around at what we have and who we have, and take a breath..it’s a good place to be..regardless of what you have or don’t have. you have now.

Change will come to all of us for the better or the worse..but laboring forward from now, we can choose to quiet the noise from those devices we seemingly can’t escape from..you’re in front of one right now–but don’t go anywhere just yet.

‘m not suggesting drop all responsibly, but we have to be responsible to ourselves.

Make sure we are well and right in our worlds, before we worry about things a world away or that we can’t control. or what people are, or are not putting over their faces or in their arms.

rust me, from where I sit each night–i know 

A lot comes at you fast..but it’s okay to put it in neutral, coast along for bit, figure out where you are.

three day weekend is ahead..take time to tune out and tune in to your now, at the grill, the lake, the pool.

Whatever you’re now is..it’s all yours to do with what you please..it may include others..or not, or re-adjusting your bearings as we head into fall..whatever it is, as we salute the American worker this weekend..salute yourself. 

Now..take a moment.”

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