Take a moment to remember what the Fourth of July really represents

Bob's Commentary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Bob Clausen wants to take a moment to remember what the Fourth of July means and how it impacts all of us.

“Time to take a moment we have a big weekend coming, the Fourth of July marks Independence day. 

It breaks my heart recently that we are seeing people say this flag does not represent them and the they turn their back to it..it’s their right that’s fine..it just not how see it ..that’s my right.

Rights are what this flag is all about. It’s a symbol of when this nation was started.

It wasn’t just a cool idea put together by a bunch of rich white men as I’ve heard. 

Those guys, yes men, and white, that’s the way it was back then, found a consensus to break away from the monarch and parliament of England, many were once British.

So those rich white men signed their own death warrant, in hopes of creating a government by the people for the people. 

They risked their lives, in hopes generation after generation would never have to live under circumstances other than their own.

They put their lives on the line for people they’d never know, you.

Their names are all there, on the Declaration of Independence.  

They came up with the Declaration of Independence and the constitution..by no means perfect documents..and in fact created by men who were by no means perfect..but they had to strike and get it done before all chance was lost..a lot could not be addressed..slavery chief among them. 

but both documents were created so in time, change could be made, courses corrected..for all.    

Case in point..we’ve made it all the way to a Black president, a female Black vice president, and for the sake of argument, rich white and black women and immigrants now sitting at the head the tables of U.S. Government, right now, and have for generations and will continue to do so.

So the mechanisms to allow those documents to be molded for the better..clearly work…these are the things this flag stands for.

No question among the red, white and blue are the stains this nation will carry forever, the muck and mire of past transgressions are gone, but the stains left behind will never go away, we don’t want them to. We the people, need to know they are there to learn from them so we never repeat them.          

We have seen all races, ethnic groups and sexual orientations take a knee or turn a back to this flag, when this flag and what it stands for will never turn away from you. 

The freedoms offered under this flag are not seen anywhere on the planet earth, that says a lot about what you can have and accomplish here.

Don’t get me wrong, there are people in this county who are not nice to others..go out of their way to make others not feel welcome..we’ll never change them..but there are more good people than there are bad.. don’t be fooled. 

This flag, in its early form, represented the idea that all men are created equal, at the time that was the phrasing, if written today it would simply state that ” all are created equal.” That idea became a nation, rough and jagged around the edges in the beginning, but has since been smoothed and well rounded over time..you could argue we have a long way to go..but only if you acknowledge how far we have come.

All of that should give every American and those hoping to become a citizen reason to take a moment..on Independence day, to celebrate and honor the idea…that became us.”

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