Take a moment to remember and never forget

Bob's Commentary

Take a moment with Bob Clausen.

“It was a sunny morning..clear blue sky as many were just waking up. Most of the country was just getting the day started when from out of the sky an American enemy launched a sneak attack.       

By the end of the day more than two thousand Americans..who were going about their business one minute, were dead the next. For what? Being an American.

The country was at war..we took the war to them, fought the enemy and with an atomic bomb..two in fact..put an end to what japan started December 7, 1941, with an unconditional surrender..World War 2 was over.           

The war was over..it was done..and the United States was clearly never going to let that happen again, our enemy in time, became our ally..our friends..future partners.       

60 years later September 11th..it happened again on a beautiful sunny morning, people just going about their day fell victim to a sneak attack. People were killed because they were Americans.         

We went to war, we killed those responsible.   

We left the place where it all began with many of the same back in power and control. And with at least from what we’ve seen, they have no qualms about doing it all over again…Hard to say, if at all, they’ll ever be an ally or friend.       

As we mark 20 years since that horrible day, when the war began, this September 11th seems to be filled with a renewed sense of loss.       

Now, when we hear each one of those names, gut-wrenchingly read in the morning of 9-11, can we make the promise another day as it will never come?.. Can we?       

There is no doubt our men and woman in uniform heroes each one..those who came back and those who died there..made this nation proud beyond compare when they answered the call, but can they..should they..be proud of us?       

Are we demanding enough from our elected officials to make sure we are never assaulted like that again?       When world war two ended..we ended it the likes of which no one had ever seen. Many can argue we ended this one in a way the likes no one ever saw..but not at all in a way, or in a position of diplomatic strength and power, at the end of world war two our enemy was fine just because we let them survive.         

This time the enemy seems poised to be thriving beyond surviving..bent on its original mission..and make no mistake they have an ax to grind..and the sparks are already flying off the grinding wheel.       

All of us have a stake in the game, maybe more so 20 years later.     

It is our duty to do right by those who were killed on September 11th..when that bell rings and a name is read, we have to do more than never forget..we as a people, as a nation, can never agree to anything less than an unconditional surrender when at war..with the foot down and fist always up.     

Many people feel we just didn’t do that this time.. I can’t disagree..we are glad a war has ended..but did our leaders make certain and demand the war be over? Is it done?       

This September 11th..get up and go about your day..with a promise to each one of those people who just went to work, or got on a plane to see family or friends, and all those who died fighting…That going forward we will make sure whoever leads us, will do so with enough resolve when we leave foreign soil after a war..you will not follow us home..you will not harm one of us..here or there..and the world will back our every condition against you..and when and if you do move against us..the spirit of what stirs in this nation on 9-11 when those names are called..will make certain to you, this giant may sleep, but always with one eye open and a finger on the trigger.     

We have to be that nation now..and for them and every future generation.     

Never forget..is a given.. never again has to be our promise.      Take a moment.”

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