Take a moment to reflect on those who gave it all

Bob's Commentary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Bob Clausen reflects on June 6th in 1944 when Americans were asked to charge the beaches of Normandy for the United State.

‘Take a moment..this Sunday is June 6th. Not a holiday, not a historic figure’s birthday or anything like that–although a lot of gold stars were born that day–not a good thing.

It is a day over the course of my lifetime that seems to get put on the back shelf more and more each year–and it shouldn’t be.

Over the next few days there will be plenty written about it, and said about it-I’m doing it now.

My worry is that fewer and fewer people read about it, or listen to what’s said about, or watch what is played on T.V. about it.

few are still around who know it intimately.

What the world saw play out on June 6th, 1944 actually began December 7th, 1941. When our country was attacked and dragged into World War Two.

What instantly went in to motion over and over for the next few years was an incredible display of selfless sacrifice.

Told to give up your lively hood and perhaps your life to defend the United States of America.

More than 16-million men and women left family and the comfort of home, to go to war.

With so many people reluctant to go back to work today..I wonder how many the country could even count on if need be today, I hope and pray I never learn the answer to that.

After 3 years of war, on June 6th, 1944, of that 16 or so million, 73-thousand u.s. troops along with 83-thousand allies..were faced with one option that morning.

Get in a boat, head to shore..run face-first into constant machine-gun fire..kill or be killed, and take the beach..they had a job..and they went to work. 

The details of what played out are hellish by any mans standards.

An estimated 4-thousand-four hundred died that day alone-for you. That was just day one..the beginning of the end to a world war.

Over the years I’ve spoken to a few men who were there that day..not an easy conversation. a friend of my dad’s would just acknowledge ‘I was there..and haven’t had a bad since.’

So leading up to this Sunday, June 6th..share with a friend, a young person, someone who may not know or needs to know, there are bad days, tough days, and hard-working days. 

Because of a bunch of guys on a June 6th long ago, we have days..to look forward to.

So this Sunday, say a prayer for those who gave it all..so we could have so much.

Take a moment.’

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