Take a moment to reflect on life and its choices

Bob's Commentary

After a violent weekend in the Natural State, Bob Clausen wanted to take a moment to reflect on life and its choices.

Everyone has choices in life that can have major impacts on others and themselves.

So take a moment with Bob Clausen.

Time to take a moment, speaking to some young men out there.    

Life is full of choices, not rights or respect.

The Constitution offers us rights, it’s a great document.

In life we earn respect, don’t expect it from someone if you haven’t earned it, and show appreciation for it when you get it.

Life’s choices, are all up to the individual, you.

Even when the deck is stacked against you, the right choice will always deal you a winning hand.

In my life I’ve seen people, friends, make the wrong choices–some are dead, some found themselves in prison, some just because they chose the wrong crowd at the wrong time.

I chose not to go out with a group of friends one night in Mexico, it would have been an easy choice–I sucked it up and went to bed, they spent the night and part of the next day in a Mexican jail, I went marlin fishing. 

Sadly we have seen a lot violence that can go back to a wrong choice by one person or the other.

First and for most carrying a gun, second using the gun.

When a gun is used in anger a single bullet ends two lives, the person who gets shot and the person who pulls the trigger, it’s over for you-fact.

It seems to be far to easy of a choice these days.

Why? That’s the million dollar question.

We can’t spend our way to an answer, we can’t educate or legislate our way to one, that’s all been tried..maybe..it’s working, but not fast enough.

Maybe we need to ask those who are doing the shooting? 

Did this solve all your problems? Was life in prison a goal of yours? Did this choice make anyone happy? 5 will get you 10, ‘no’ is going to be the answer. 

Then why? Why was it your choice? What could have been done to have changed your mind? What didn’t you know? Make the right choice now..help us help others.  

Simple easy choices that offer no resistance on the individual’s part are often the worst choices in life.

There is no easy road in life, life is hard, that’s what makes it so good really.

There are no easy ways out of a confrontation –but there are admirable choices you can make for yourself…forget about everyone else…the rest of your life may depend on it.

Making the choice to blow up..lash out and shoot somebody is the easiest choice..the worst one too.

Swallowing some pride, staying calm, and walking away is always the hardest choice, but always the one that will win the day and earn you the respect of others, that’s what a man does.

Carrying a gun doesn’t make you a man..solving a problem with one outside of self-defense makes you a murderer..forever.. and locked up.

If my words carry no weight, you’ve made a choice to hear me, but not the choice to listen to what I’m saying.

The choice, is yours, take a moment.

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