Take a moment to reflect on Fathers

Bob's Commentary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Bob Clausen wants to take a moment to reflect on the presence of Fathers in society.   

“Take a moment, fathers day is coming up in just over a week or so.

I’m often asked what are doing on Fathers day? play golf? going fishing? watch the game? no..spending it with my wife and daughter. 

With out them, I’m not a father, I owe them for giving me the best job in the world, being a father.

A father is a compass in some ways..we guide a young person this way and that way..away from that..don’t go near this. 

I can’t thank my father enough for the scoldings..corrections and lessons along the way..most of all the hugs and his everlasting love.

The presence of a father is vital..after I lost my dad..while I was in college, I lost my compass. I leaned on his brother who I loved dearly..then he passed soon after my dad..they were that close.

I lost my primary and my backup..thank god for my mom, but she could not fill that void, but soon did, by sending me to live with a family that was close to us..Mr. Faber was the father of the family. a great man, he picked up where my dad and uncle left off.. I’m forever grateful. I found myself back in school..and nowhere.

I see so much happening to young men out there these days..getting hurt and hurting others over and over again.

It was said “train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Denzel Washington–put it this way.

“If the father is not in the home, the boy will find a father in the streets. 

I saw it in my generation and every generation before me, and every one ever since. 

If the streets raise you, then the judge becomes your mother and prison becomes your home.” i don’t know why he’s not running for something.

This is for both black and white kids and it’s true..i saw it happen to friends of mine..i see it today.    

There are men out there that want no part of what they created…can’t help them.

For the mothers out there..and the real men out there willing..we can step in. take a hand, create a bond and future.

What a father figure can do is change the course of things..if a young man has a positive role model he will want to do positive things and not disappoint.

There are so many great mentoring programs out there..our victory over violence campaign is a great place to start. 

A mentor has more power than the police to change things out there.

So as we approach fathers day..if you’re a young man dont just look around for someone..look for that someone..that someone who may not let you stay out late..run with this kid or that gang…a man who sets your compass..you’ll find him.

You may have to weather a few storms..but if you stay true to the course..calm and prosperous seas await..it’s true.

As for moms….well, without you we’d have no future fathers..so thank you. and you’ll find mentors willing and ready…just ask.       

Even though he is no longer here I live my life trying to make my dad proud..and of course my daughter..because I’m her father.

When it’s all said and done..the only thing of mine she’ll have forever is my love..knowing that, is what a young person needs the most. 

Take a moment.”

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