Take a moment to order up an appreciation of differences

Bob's Commentary

‘Take a moment’ is KARK Anchor Bob Clauson’s personal commentary on the world around us and how it can shape and inspire how we can connect to community.

The following is from the recent reflections Bob encountered while enjoying food, family, and fellowship with the people surrounding him at a local restaurant.

Time to take a moment.

Recently while eating lunch in a family-friendly restaurant, I was reminded that you never really know who is in the room with you.

Looking around I saw a powerful politician, a corporate tycoon, a friendly viewer who mentioned he watches me on the news, courteous wait staff and others just enjoying lunch, all finding their way to that spot by chance and eating at their own tables.

I know the group was culturally, socially, of course financially diverse, politically too is a safe bet.

But as I looked around there were no barriers, no boundaries, no one was treated better or worse than the other.

No one expecting or asking for more than the other. It was just people together going about life, not bothering anyone.

And boom! There it was in front of me, a microcosm of society. None of it could work without everyone being involved in the entire thing.

Agriculture in the food we were eating, the businessmen, the politics, the economics of customers coming in buying lunch and the

People being kind to the wait staff and courteous to fellow customers.

There were no biases. I ordered something the restaurant is not even known for, but there was no judgment – no demands – just people at their tables living their lives not bothering anyone with what they think, how they vote or should vote.

I’m sure we all went to different churches and were even of different religions.

No one was telling me what to order or what to eat, what not to buy and why to buy something else, or who to sit next to or who not to. Everything social media and tv spits out today was cut off too.

Given what we’ve seen unfold lately from the supreme court to Wisconsin, Michigan and Washington D.C. just to name a few, it can be too much to digest.

All of that was set aside and replaced with good old-fashioned decent behavior with an extra helping of respecting each other and their space, their time, and the company they were keeping.

I was out to lunch, but I don’t think I’m completely out to lunch in my thinking. Is this so hard to accomplish outside of those restaurant doors?

In life, it takes a lot less effort to go about our business than try to change someone else’s. 

Sure, if they are doing wrong, it’s worth the effort.

So, sharing what my brain absorbed during lunch, no matter where we come from, no matter our views or economic status, ethnic background, we are all just people, sure at different tables, but at the same place, hoping and praying for the same things. And if you’re patient you’ll find you’ll get just what you ordered.

Take a moment.

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