Take a moment to consider what’s most important this school year

Bob's Commentary

Bob Clausen reflects on the upcoming school year and is focusing on what he thinks is most important is making sure kids are protected and led on the correct path.

“It’s back to school time..and let’s not mask the most important thing that’s happening..kids. are. going back to school.!!

We call them kids because they are..there are some teens who think they have the world by the horns, but slow down..you don’t. you will, but not just yet.

We do need to protect them, from the frustration..confusion, and anger we are seeing over what will or won’t be over their faces because there is really one thing on their face that should concern us all..smiles.

We need to be grown-ups and keep them safe from any number of things.

As parents, we will always struggle with ‘Was that the right decision?’ ‘What if I had done this? or that, allowed this, not that?’

We can debate the merits of safety measures and stand firm on one side of the fence or the other, but we have to keep the gate open for common decency and respect.

The most important thing we can do is let kids be kids.

We have to teach them not to ridicule one another for what they may or may not be wearing.

Over their face– or anything else for that matter, and what they have, or do not have in their arms.

What keeps them safe is a parent’s choice..at school, we hope teachers and principals step in when needed and help them feel and be safe.  

There was a time when we had atomic bomb drills..-duck and cover-..getting under that desk may have seemed useless..but in fact, it could have helped according to what was learned after Hiroshima..it would have offered some protection and sure did offer some sort of peace of mind, I guess.

As Moms and Dads, we will always hope we’re doing what’s right for our kids.. I’ll never use my choice against another parent or their children, and they better not be against me or mine.

We can not cover up the excitement of the coming school year. We don’t want to muffle the laughter and giggles..or force them in one group or the other..they have enough to deal with already..

We are all on this learning curve, let’s not push an exciting and fun time for our children off a cliff to try and prove a point, one way or the other.

Take a moment.”

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