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Bob's Commentary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — With cities reopening across the country the biggest struggle for buisinesses is finding work. Places are struggling to find employees who want to work due to pandemic unemployment benefits.

Bob Clausen wants to take a moment to think about how this could affect the country in the long run.

“Take a moment and think of this. You cooked all day, dinner is ready and on the table. But no one sits to eat. 

Everybody is full, they’re stuffed, they’ve been fed all day. 

The next day everyone sits at the table waiting on dinner and you look around..and say sorry you didn’t want it before, you’re not getting it now–and who would blame you.

We are in an upside-down economy..there are jobs, but no one needs or wants money…pockets are full, they’ve been stuffed for months.

It’s a pandemic bi-product that may wind up doing more damage than good.

The math makes sense, kind of. People are making more on pandemic unemployment perks and stimulus checks than if they had a job. But what’s the price we are going to pay?

The money will stop coming, and that makes sense. 

It was going out because businesses were closed no one wanted to be out, there were no jobs.

But now those businesses are open, jobs are back, the government doesn’t need to carry you anymore.

But no one’s filling the jobs, in turn.

Business won’t survive.

Then, when you want and need a job, there will be no jobs to go back to at all. 

I’m no economist, but I’m pretty sure that’s a depression.  

Never before have the streets been paved with so much gold for job seekers.

As a country, the government stepped up, but now needs to step back. Benefits were plentiful, the vaccine is now widespread, safe practices are in place.

Employers need you, the state, the country needs you.

People will find the rewards in pay, retention, and even more valuable ‘appreciation’ will be beyond pre-pandemic levels. 

Businesses are dying for you to walk in the door ready to work, and will be grateful.

The ones who flex that muscle and do it first will be first in line for a promotion. 

The old saying is, if you give a man a fish you will feed him for a day, if you teach him to fish you will feed him for life.

Take a moment, it’s time we all get our lines back in the water.”

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