Take a Moment: To appreciate the holidays even after a trying year

Bob's Commentary

To sum up this year, you’re going to need more than moment.

We are virtually visiting with Santa. The World Health Organization said he is healthy and safe to travel. I heard something about Santa-bodies.

We are wearing masks into convenience stores after midnight – with intent to buy, not rob.

We have lost family, friends and people we know to something we didn’t know a year ago.

Moms have had to be Dads, and Dads Moms and, in some cases, kids are caretakers.

We are overdoing some things, not doing enough of others.

Boy, times have changed, but if you look for them, you’ll find the silver linings.

We spend more time at home with the family.

More time talking to each other and checking on the health and wellbeing of family and friends, offering support of any kind if needed.

It’s given us a solid appreciation for what you do have and will have.

Charles Dickens said, “Reflect upon your present blessings of which every man has many – not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”

He knew misfortune. Dickens wrote “A Christmas Carol,” yes because of his love of Christmas and to inspire benevolence, and it did, but he also did it because he needed the money.

We’ve seen the three ghosts – COVID, job loss and death.

We learned from them, to appreciate our blessings and the little things a little more.

A longer kiss and hug hello or goodbye with family, a deep breath of fresh air.

A much better appreciation for good health, yours and your families.

Those visits with grandparents that seemed to take so long on Sundays – what so many would give for 10 minutes right now.

We can’t let the joy of the season fizzle, no matter what the season means to you.

We will gather, we will make and receive calls, send and get texts, read cards of well wishes, zoom throughout the day.

In tears and laughter, we will find ourselves happy without knowing where the emotion came from. It’s in, and for, all of us.

And if you take a moment, you’ll find it overflowing in others too.

God bless us all, everyone, and Merry Christmas

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