‘Take a Moment’: Fishing through polluted waters of information

Bob's Commentary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. —  Though the modern era is often called “The Information Age,” it can becoming harder and harder to find useful and verified information.

KARK 4 News anchor Bob Clausen has some thoughts on what you can do to find your way though those murky online waters.

So what’s been happening, I get a front-row seat every day and that leads me to the seat that I’ve actually personally jumped in, the back seat.

Now each day on here I’m present, relaying current events to you, It’s why I’m here it’s what I do.

But when I’m not I have become an island from information, I became very careful of what lands on my shores just like now social media is now selective of what and who flows among those streams information, and on that note these days, I’m not sure those streams are worth fishing it. 

They get so polluted what you pull out might not be worth consuming. We’ve also seen if you’re not fishing with the right bait, the people who run those streams of information can pull your license and if you go somewhere else, they can dam up the flow there too. 

It’s time to be very critical of what’s coming in and from who.

We often say these are crazy times, but you know our parents and grandparents said the same exact thing.

There was a time when they lived by a rule; don’t discuss money, religion and politics because that’s your business it’s no one else’s business.

Well, now we’re attacked by people because of our religion politics, and incomes.

People are actually making that their business.

If it seems like it’s all too much it may well be; never before in history have we had so much information good, bad or otherwise fly at us so fast in real-time from so many different sources.

There are things within our control and things that are not.

The things you don’t have control of, well you don’t have control of.

The most important thing, what’s right at your fingertips; the people you can hold on to and hug, not the tweets we scroll through, the post we like or comment on.

Take a moment.

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