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Bob's Commentary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– Bob Clausen touches on fighting for change after Little Rock sees a violent couple of weeks.

Time to take a moment..and in some recent cases that’s all it’s taken for families to go from spending a day in a park–to spending the rest of their lives wondering how their 3 or 4-year-old child became a shooting victim, or spending the next day in a funeral home making arrangements to bury a murdered child.

Time is over trying to talk sense into the ones with the guns..they’ve made their choice..it won’t end well for them. 

Maybe we can save one or two, but there are others who need to be saved.  

It’s not time for more youth prevention programs, city funded studies.

I won’t win any popularity contests with this one. 

Popularity and politics have no room in this fight, with kids getting killed and injured by gunfire, and young men who are shot dead

Before their lives begin.

We have to fight to keep kids alive, popular ideas and political ideals need to sit this one out. 

There is a problem, and it’s not going to go away all on it’s own.

In the early to mid-1990’s Little Rock and North Little Rock police were worn out running from one murder to the next.

Intended targets and Innocent people filled the stats sheets.

I recall one detective talking about the time a lady was shot with an AK-47 carrying groceries from her car to her house.

People and police had enough, police developed a zero-tolerance program, it was unpopular with the bad guys, it was effective.

Officers driving around high crime areas acting on information from ‘the people who live in the area.’

They would inevitably weed out the ones up to no good. Yes, it had it’s problems.   

It would soon be called profiling and was stopped. It needed more oversight.

But I did see them time and time again, see them clear guns and drugs out of pockets and jackets of the people they stopped.

The ones in the wrong place at wrong time, and conducted themselves accordingly with police could go about their business.

The bad apples would all to often show themselves and go to jail…and got the message.

It made it very uncomfortable for wrong-doers to exist, but also made it comfortable for people to once again work in their yards, play in parks, not taking cover at the sound of gunshots, not sleeping on the floor of their homes to avoid stray bullets.

 I’m not suggesting martial law, but this is a dangerous situation.

 I don’t know what conversations are being had at city hall, or the police department,

But part of that conversation needs to be to let law enforcement do their jobs..encourage them to enforce the law.  

Specialized patrols have been brought up..this time around if they are well supervised on a request-only basis, with the community and police working together.

By no means do we want innocent people wrongly accused, jailed or as we’ve seen killed, these need to be good cops, doing the right things and supported. 

They need to be diverse and even-handed special patrols..and soon their actions will speak louder than words.

Policing is a slippery slope these days..but it’s time to crack down on the lawless..for the sake of the lawful.

Children are getting shot, people are… dying for change. 

We can’t live in the past, but the past is slowly coming back to life. 

In the past city leadership and police worked day and night to make this a reputable southern city, and they did it and it is. 

It’s not fair to them to fail now, not fair to people who call this home.

Not fair for any parent to get a call about their 3 or 4-year-old getting shot while outside playing..it sure isn’t fair to her..caught in the crossfire, Brayligh will have a bullet wound the rest of her life..sure won’t be fair to the next one, who won’t be so lucky.   

Take a moment

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