Bob’s Commentary: The integrity of the vote

Bob's Commentary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Bob’s Commentary: The integrity of the vote

“There’s a lot of talk about bills and laws when it comes to voting and elections, here and across the country.

From making sure you are who you are when you vote, to making sure you have ample opportunity to do so.

All well and a point. No one can argue the act of voting is the most significant right we have as American citizens, and the most delicate.

Any haze over the election process, the most important stone in the foundation of democracy, will always give anyone a footing to argue fraud.

The history of who has been, and who has not been included in the process certainly is not pure in this country and at times ugly.

People left their farms and families over two hundred years ago to fight and die for the ‘idea’ of free an open elections.

Our country drafted men to go off to war, fight and die to preserve the right, for our country and others.

Many men and women stand by ready to do the same today.

Men and women of both races did the same, right here on American soil not too long ago during the civil rights movement..for the right to vote.

Those are the people who stand in line with you on election day..and no one should stand in your way.

But keep in mind– elections are about political agendas. they are a competition ..the agenda with the most votes wins. 

So, should we pass laws that loosen the process up? or focus on laws to tighten up the validity of the vote? 

The only true and fair election is one without question..if an American citizen can’t vote in person, you should be able to get a ballot in your hand..agreed.

Likewise allowances cant keep being added for late comers.

There are set dates and times–there are important issues your vote will decide for or against, you educate yourself on to dedicate your vote to.

Keep in mind politicians.. the ones competing for votes, are the ones deciding how and when those votes come in and are counted.

Its’ more vital to be educated on what is actually being talked about, proposed, and passed concerning your vote and the process of the election.

No one is going to go hungry or die of thirst waiting to vote..but a lot of people have

Fighting for the right and the preservation of it.

No matter how bad you want your side to win, the integrity of the vote and process can never be in question.

Our political leaders should be working to remove all doubt in the process. and the reporting of it, should be un-adulterated down the middle.

If not, the haze of questionable votes will turn to fog, and the entire process will lose its way.

Absolutely, we want more people to vote for one side or the other, not just more votes to be able to be counted just to beat the other guy.

Take a moment.”

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