Bob’s Commentary: Take a moment, it will last a lifetime

Bob's Commentary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — We’ve got to take a moment to go someplace we’ve been before, but need to go back to.

During the course of a lifetime, chances are good you will know someone, or know someone who knows someone, who ended their own life.

On average, 50 thousand people end their lives each year… the number of people left suffering is insurmountable.

Don’t be fooled, a suicide does not have one victim, there are thousands of victims left living.

It’s in everyones neighborhood, just about 2 weeks ago it walked in my family’s front door.

My wifes nephew, Austin Parker took his own life.

Like a lot of families, we were shocked, not Austin!!

The “if onlys” rained down on us like a monsoon.

As far as I know, and can tell, he was not walking down a long foreboding road of despair the family was trying to help him navigate.

He was not a drug user or alcohol abuser.

He fit the bill for a kid who came from very little, but was a 24-year-old man with two little girls who was on track to have a lot in life.

He was the one who ran to the work that needed to be done, on, or off the clock. He never burned daylight, and didn’t let others.

Always a big “Hey Uncle Bob!!” A heck of strong handshake and bear hug would follow, always smiling and happy.

So the question in front of all of us, Why? As long as I will never have an answer.

But i think..had Austin taken a moment and not let emotions over take him..had he taken a breath..and realized, if he was at the end of his rope, there were hundreds ready to lift him up so he could grab back on..or catch him if he fell.

It is, and was not worth it.

I believe a lot of people who are at the end of their rope, who have had enough, think: “I”ve got the answer and I’ll be done with it” but don’t think about everyone who’ll be left, and will never be done with it.

Taking that moment when life seems like it’s climbing all over you, may seem insignificant, but the return on that moment will be a life time of love and laughter, and the chance to watch your kids grow up, and everyone you know grow closer.

If there is someone you know, who is running life a little harder than they are living it, offer them a moment, whether you think they need it or not, because most won’t ask for it, to breath and decompress and listen to wisdom that being overwhelmed is normal, and it’s OK to look for a way out for a little while, not forever.

Let them know you can grab back on.

It’s what friends and family do..we don’t pile on, we pull the pile off, help is always out there.

All it would have taken was a moment..invest in one.

It’ll last a lifetime.

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