Bob’s Commentary: It’s time to take a moment

Bob's Commentary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- We’ve been dealing with a lot this year, to say the least.

As Bob Clausen says, we all just need to take a moment.

Take a moment.

What a year, and it’s far from over.

When the next one begins, we may be looking at each other wondering, ‘Well, now what?’

Be that as it may, one thing will not change. Your ability to decide what kind of day you’d like to have. Buck the system, get along to get along or just breathe in fresh air and get along with life.

Take a moment to decide to take off from being all wrapped up in what you see all over the place and worry about how it’s changing your life, because it’s not.

Everything that’s happened is heavy stuff, no mistake, but is it all your burden to carry? Nope.

You what hasn’t changed in time of war, famine or pandemic? The blue sky, a summer rain, the warmth of the sun, smell of fresh cut grass or a grill in the afternoon, a star-lit night sky.

Life is going on all around us. Are you missing it? Take a moment and turn it into a day, a weekend where nothing matters except you, your family and friends.

We don’t need to ignore what we are concerned about, just put into perspective.

I recently heard a great nugget of life advice from Willie Nelson, and it had nothing to do with fresh cut grass.

He said, “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results”.

Day after day, we wake up and think, ‘Here we go again,’ and the cloud hangs all day long and gets bigger with stuff you read, hear and see.

But we can get up and say, ‘Not today, not for me and my family’. Life is smiling on all of us. Wake up and smile back.

It’s a simple choice and the most important one you’ll make all day, if not for you, then someone you know.

Willie also dropped this, “I take it not only a day at a time, but a moment at a time, and keep it at that pace. If you can be happy right now, then you’ll always be happy, because it’s always in the now.”

Take a moment and get on the road again.

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