Bob’s Commentary for March 25

Bob's Commentary

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A lot of low hanging fruit to pick from this week.

From Colorado, Washington D.C. our own state capitol.

But I stepped up to grab a gem that really put things in perspective for me given all we have seen this week.

It was something that began 104 years ago during the first world war.

A conflict that took the lives of nearly 40 million people and survived the spanish flu, the great depression that put the nation on it’s back, toughest time since the civil war.

World War 2, Korea, Vietnam, a presidential assassination and one attempted..and the killing of Dr. Martin Luther King..

some dark stuff..but bright moments too. 

The roaring 20’s..first solo flight across the Atlantic, first female senator 1927..Arkansas’s own Hattie Caraway.  

The civil rights on the moon..heart transplants.. diseases cured, cell phones.

There’s a lot to unpack over the last 104 years..  

and an Arkansas woman can..

Hazel Shelley is 104 years old, she celebrated a birthday this week.

With all that’s going on, this jewel seemed to fill the room with the fresh air of hope.

No matter who you are or where you came from…Hazel is a vivid reminder we’ll make it through..she did, through so much and is ready for whats next..

What she had to say struck me as advice we all need to live tackle a crisis at the moment..or a long term issue..

When asked how she’s made it this far..she said ” when people ask me I’m going to say breathing in and breathing out – and that’s what I’ve done”

It’s spring, the pandemic is slowing, Easter not far away..the Hogs in the Sweet 16..things are opening up..the “new normal” may soon be old news.

But from this wonderful woman who’s lived a life few will..take a moment..look around..take it in.. breath in and breath out.

Thank you Hazel..happy birthday.. 

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