Bob’s Commentary: Feelings that are buried alive, never die

Bob's Commentary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Take a moment… There’s been a lot of shouting, shooting, blaming, this side or that side. Quote unquote “Conversations” are now just angry mobs pushing this way and the other side pushing that way.

Messages are getting lost in acts being done to display them.

The method, no matter the message, no matter what it may be, is being called vandalism, rather than informative and thought-provoking. By the way, I knew a few guys on that wall, I was in the next room on the night one of them took his last breath, protecting this city from crime and drugs, that’s what I see here.

The focus also shifts to the people who are getting hurt and killed, not what people should be thinking.

No one seems to be getting help. It’s all getting tossed in the fiery rhetoric of a white-hot presidential campaign in the middle of a pandemic.

We are, beating each other, and our ideals into a pulp. Two sides who believe the other has to lose in order for all to win. Toss into the mix a side that just wants chaos for the sake of chaos. If it stays this way, no side will win, we all lose. We, the people will be the ones who were. To the delight of those who are watching and waiting for oceans away for their chance.

They took a shot once, 19-year-ago and it shook us all.

It was in the days that followed a new generation learned the hard way, united we stand, divided we fall.

We came together in the late hours of September 11 realizing that against outside forces and forced aside or brought together internal struggles to meet common goals that made us better. It’s what we do.

So then, why aren’t we doing it? To help each other understand one another. No one can take the ball and go home. Someone has to pitch, someone has to catch, bat, and field the play. We may not be on the same teams, but we are all in the same game like it or not.

If we don’t play by the rules, so we can keep playing and advancing, this could be our last season. On this Septemeber 11, in the names of those who just went to work and never came home, remember how strong ‘WE’ were ‘WE’ can be, and ‘WE’ are quoting Patrick Henry.

“Let us not split into factions which destroy the union upon which our existence hangs.”

We are strong enough to turn fists into our stretched hands, and body slams into hugs…. aren’t we?

I recently had a conversation with a gentleman by the name of Manny Abojay. He dropped this nugget on me. Fellings that are buried alive, never die.

Take a moment.

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