Bob’s Commentary: Embrace the excitement of back to school

Bob's Commentary

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Those lazy, crazy days of summer are just about over.

School’s in session come Monday for most, if not all.

We’ve talked about how different it will look and be, but we have to take a moment.

I’m afraid we missed a big point.

It’s a new school year!

That should be exciting, not frightening.

It already is for some with the masks and all, it is what it is, and is being addressed as best as the experts can address it.

From K to college, it’s an exciting and should be a fun time.

School has always been full of doors and windows you will look through, and walk through, literally and figuratively.

Teachers will show you things and take you places you never knew existed, and you’ll learn more tomorrow than you know today. No one can take that away.

Embrace the excitement and focus on you.

There’s always other stuff going on, like, “Who will remember me? Will I sit alone at lunch? Will anyone like me?”

The answer is simple, yet sometimes hard to practice, don’t worry about it!

There’s a lot of anxiety. I dealt with plenty as a kid, still do in some situations.

My dad always smoothed the air by saying things like, “Do your best. Be yourself, and the best will come your way”.

For sure, when I was being myself, or doing my best, the best sure did rush to my side.

School and its stresses, more the drama that can materialize for kids and college students, can take the wind out of their sails.

They lean heavy on how to belong and who they belong with, or think they belong with.

At the end of the day, trust me, it’s just noise. It’ll all work out.

It doesn’t matter what people think about you, say about you.

If someone does you wrong, do the right thing and let someone know, because if you feel in your gut it’s not right, trust your gut. It probably isn’t and someone will help you.

On that note, if you wake up with the plan to go to school or online to hurt someone’s feelings, do us all a favor. Stay home, log off. No one needs or wants you around.

It’s how you feel and think about yourself, and you should feel good, no, great!

You are the most incredible creature in the universe. You have purpose, love and kindness.

We’re all born happy. You own it. No one can take it or change it. Spread it around.

You’ll figure out your purpose and your path to greatness will unfold in front of you. Stay on that path.

Keep the distractions at arm’s length. Don’t let them pull you off into the weeds. They’ll try.

These are some of the best years of your life. Don’t let all the noise drown out the laughter.

Moms and Dads, take a moment. Let your kids know how special they are, because they won’t be kids for long.

Best of luck in the coming school year.


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