Bluebird touches heart of Arkansas man


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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Arkansas Game & Fish Commission is sharing a touching story about an email and some photos it received recently.

The agency that keeps an eye on wildlife in the state shared it all on its Facebook page this past weekend as follows:

We received an email earlier this week from a friend of this couple who had shared this experience with him. It’s a sweet story that we wanted to also share with you.

“My husband Dickie had been understandably sad. His mother, Margie, had passed away a couple of weeks before. She was 95 and had lived a good long life. She was a retired English teacher, mother of seven, Sunday school teacher, and a lover of all things natural, especially flowers and birds. Like most of us, she had a special fondness for bluebirds.

That April morning, Dickie was driving home when a pair of bluebirds flew in front of him. He hit the bright blue male. Looking in the rearview mirror, he didn’t see the bird in the street, so he backed up and looked in the direction the pair had been heading. There was the male bird, sitting in the ditch, stunned.

AGFC Photo

Dickie got out of the pickup with his cell phone. Thinking he needed a box to put the injured bird in so he could take him home and at least keep him safe, Dickie tried, unsuccessfully, to call me to bring him one. He picked up the bird and held him in his hand. He noticed that one claw was gripping tight while the other was limp. One of his eyes was almost shut. Dickie took a picture of the bird with his phone. Then he stood there for at least ten minutes, carefully stroking the tiny blue head with a finger.

Suddenly, the bird seemed to wake up. He flew off about 100 yards, then circled back, landing on Dickie’s shoulder. He perched there for a while, long enough for Dickie to take a few “selfies” of him and his new feathered friend. Then the bird flew away to a nearby tree. Dickie waited, but this time he didn’t come back.

When Dickie got home, he was so moved by the wonderfully strange experience that he could hardly speak. He got out his phone and showed me the photos of the beautiful bird on his shoulder.

Neither of us is all that superstitious, but we both thought, just maybe, Dickie’s mother might have had a hand in all this. Whatever the reason, an unusual little bluebird lightened a heavy heart that day.”

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