Part 1 of 3: Man Accused of Killing Realtor Beverly Carter Speaks Out

Beverly Carter
LITTLE ROCK, AR – Beverly Carter went missing late last month. Four days after her disappearance while showing a home, we learned she had been tragically murdered.

The story made national headlines and left many asking questions, including us.

As a news organization it is our job to find the answers, so KARK4’s Shannon Miller contacted this man, Arron Lewis and he agreed to an interview.

But earlier today we shared the entire interview with both the Carter family and investigators. Now it’s your turn to hear directly from the man who’s now charged with her murder.

“I didn’t kill her, I didn’t murder her and anything that did occur was an accident,” said Lewis.

Strong statements from Arron Lewis. That man who sits behind bars charged in the death of realtor Beverly Carter.

“I never denied her going with me as far as kidnapping, I’ve never kidnapped anybody,” said Lewis.

Lewis stuck to his innocence in connection with Carter’s death now saying the whole thing was an accident.

“How did you first meet Beverly? Or how did you first hear about her?” asked reporter Shannon Miller.

Lewis declined to comment on details without his attorney’s permission as to how he first met Carter but did say this.

“It didn’t have nothing to do with her showing a home, just a place to meet,” said Lewis.

Investigators say Lewis first contacted the realtor about a home for sale. Lewis says the meeting was not about making a sell.

“It wasn’t necessarily like an appointment,” said Lewis.

The inmate went on to say Carter willingly got in the car with him.

“The kidnapping is false, somebody goes with you on their own free will, they’re not being kidnapped,” said Lewis.

Deputies have said Carter’s death was a crime of opportunity but Lewis says that’s not the case.

“It’s not as clean cut as they are wrapping it up to be. This woman died and had been in contact with a seven time felon so let’s wrap it up all nice and neat,” said Lewis.

Still, Lewis says he hurts from what happened and didn’t know what to do.

“The first thing you do is panic and that’s all that happened, I panicked,” said Lewis.

We will have more on that moment of panic Lewis described in our exclusive interview Wednesday night on KARK4.

Again, we want to mention that Beverly Carter’s family and Pulaski County investigators watched our entire interview before it aired tonight. They did not want to comment.

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