Before evacuation, LR city board approves former mayor’s unused vacation time

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Arkansas Times) — Before police evacuated Little Rock City Hall Tuesday night, the city board of directors voted 7-2 to pay former Mayor Mark Stodola $160,000 for unused time off.

In December, Stodola claimed he was entitled to 2,281.23 hours of vacation pay and 211.73 hours of sick leave for a total of $191,789.23. City Director Joan Adcock and Vice Mayor B.J. Wyrick voted against the resolution.

City Attorney Tom Carpenter said Stodola would donate his sick leave to the city’s catastrophic leave bank.

Adcock said Stodola had brought unused time off out of the blue in the course of explaining her “no” vote:

“This was a new number that the mayor came up with at the end of the year. This was not a number that we ever looked at for [City Manager Bruce Moore] or the mayor, and I have a real problem that we are sitting here tonight spending $160,000 that we never heard about in the years that Mark Stodola was the mayor of this city, but at the end of his tenure, we hear about these hours,” Adcock said. “My vote will be no because I do not believe that the city owes this money and I will not be spending this money.”

In December 2018, before Stodola left office, the board approved Stodola’s retirement plan, which will pay him $80,000 annually for life. Disagreement over the unused time off issue led the board to table the issue.

Stodola recused himself from the debate over his unused time off, but tried to weigh in about it after city directors were finished debating. At the time, City Attorney Tom Carpenter warned him he could not weigh in publicly while he was still in office.

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