Beebe neighbors calling for crosswalk on North Main after rash of crashes in area


BEEBE, Ark – The community in Beebe is calling for change after several accidents on a busy road in town leave neighbors worried about safety.

Michelle Lawson, who owns a business on North Main Street, is now petitioning the city to get a crosswalk installed on the road.

Lawson has been in business on North Main since 2019. She says in the last 6 months, two different accidents have happened at the same place outside her business. The latest one was just last week.

“We heard this loud like explosion,” said Lawson. “My mailbox went flying and it landed about 80 to 100 feet down the highway.”

This time, Lawson says damages were minor but she’s worried next time speeding will result in something much worse.

Lawson says the day of the accident she saw a woman try and cross the street to a nearby park, unable to get across.

“She stood out there for about 3 minutes waiting to cross, nobody stopped for her,” said Lawson. “It just struck me in my heart like wow something really needs to be done, somebody can get hurt out here.”

Lawson is now working on a petition to get a crosswalk put in and several neighbors say they are on board with the project.

Phyllis Miller lives on North Main and says she gets nervous every time she sees people try and cross the busy roadway.

“The daycare on the corner down there they walk on my street all the time,” said Miller. “It takes about five or six of them to get the kids across the street.”

Miller says often teachers must stand in the roadway to get cars to stop before it is safe for the kids to cross. She says there seems to be no other option because the nearest crosswalk is blocks down the road.

“It’s safe as you get there but it’s not safe when you come here,” said Miller.

Miller says the road presents its dangers for neighbors and customers as well. She says she gets nervous crossing the street to get mail and customers get nervous crossing to get to a nearby business.

Lawson is hoping she can work with the city to get the crosswalk put in, making the roadway safer for everyone.

Our station reached out to the Mayor’s office who says he would support a crosswalk. He says the road is owned by the state and must go through those channels before a crosswalk can be put in. He says that could take months.

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