Barber College Called a “Beacon of Hope” in Little Rock


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – In helping find Victory Over Violence, KARK is committed to finding people who are making a difference in our neighborhoods. 

Over the last several years, Arlo Washington has been teaching and giving. In 2008, he founded Washington Barber College to train people in the barber business. The college is in Southwest Little Rock, which has seen its fair share of crime in recent months.

“I see a lot of what looks like despair, and fear because people are afraid to come to this area,” says Washington. “I see the people actually committing the crimes, just lost.”

Washington believes his college is making a difference by educating and training people to make a living. Since the school started, hundreds have graduated.

“In our neck of the woods, when they come into this barber shop, and they are introduced into a structured environment, and they see ‘hey, there is a place that cares about me’,” he continues.

Washington Barber College is going further by allowing students to cut hair at a discounted price for the community.

“They make jokes and say ‘people will spend their last dime on looking good’, and so knowing that if you look good, you feel good. And so we offer discounted haircuts,” Washington adds.

And in addition to cuts for $5 or $3, Washington Barber College is also giving cuts to the homeless community. 

“So if people feel good about themselves they will make better choices, they could get that job,” Washington says. “The way that people look at you when you have a clean shave, when you have a haircut, it does something for your morale.”

It’s a simple way to be a difference maker in the community.

“That’s what I feel this barber college does. It’s a beacon of light, a beacon of hope,” says Washington.

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