Avid walker hit from behind by car Sunday


LONOKE COUNTY, Ark. — On any given day, you could find Johnny Chambers walking around Lonoke County down near his home on Mount Tabor Road.

“Probably 12 to 20 miles, it depends on my energy level that day,” Chambers said.

As he was finishing up one of those long walks Sunday evening he was hit from behind and flipped over a car.

“The hardest body slam you could imagine in your life.”

He says he was walking toward traffic in the early evening but it was getting dark, and the car that hit him from behind didn’t have its lights on.

“Both my wrists, my thumb, my ribs, my feet, my eye socket bones here are broke.”

The car didn’t stop but its side mirror did. Chambers kept it just in case as he says he watched the dark blue car speed away.

“Because I knew if I didn’t at least try to get a glimpse of it, you could forget it,” he said hoping the evidence will lead to a suspect.

It’s within a half mile of where a bicyclist was hit by an elderly man a few weeks ago.

Though Mount Tabor is narrow, Chambers doesn’t understand why it’s causing such a problem now.

“There’s not a bend in it! Straight as a racetrack,” he said.

And while his forgiveness came faster than his healing…

“I forgave him when I was in the hospital.”

It’s justice he’s now hoping for.

“That’s a horrible thing to do to somebody.”

If you see a dark blue sedan, missing a side window and possibly with other damage to the front, let Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office know.

They say in their report it could be a Toyota Corolla.

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