Arlington Hotel recognized for providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities


HOT SPRINGS, Ark.- Thursday morning marked a celebration at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs recognizing the importance of people with disabilities in the workplace.

Daphne Emery is a hostess at the Arlington Hotel’s beauty salon. “I’m here if the people need something, just call my name,” says Emery who’s been with the hotel for about 14 years.

“I wash dishes and then I work in the dining room,” says Jason Belle.

Belle has been with the Arlington since 2001.

Both Daphne and Jason are “non-traditional” employees but the Arlington hiring managers recognize their special talents.

“The Arlington Hotel has been a real champion for hiring individuals with disabilities for many years,” says Alan McClain, Commissioner of Arkansas’ Rehabilitation Services.

McClain says they provide funding for training for individuals with disabilities. Once they’ve gone through the training, McClain’s department helps them find jobs.

“It’s a diverse set of needs and diverse sets of talents,” says McClain.

For Daphne and Jason the hotel provides stability and a strong sense of self worth which, like their service to the guests, is priceless.

“This hotel is my community, this is my environment, this is my background,” says Daphne.

“This kitchen right here has been the best kitchen I’ve ever worked with,” says Jason.

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