The Arkansas Twisters are teasing a comeback.

The professional indoor football team moved to Texas with a new name several years ago, but hints online reveal a new era of Twister football is “on the Verizon.”

Step inside Clay Arnold’s man cave and you’re transported back to a time when indoor football ruled Little Rock.

“This was actually a poster that they gave out,” Arnold says pointing to a photo on his wall.

“The Twisters were my big-time football.”

The Arkansas Twisters debuted in 2000. The black and blue uniforms swarmed the field and fans filled the seats.

Arnold,  #50, played for them for several seasons.

“You walk out, and you don’t see an empty seat,” Arnold says about the early days playing for the Twisters.

“I mean, you get a chill bump from head to toe.”

The nostalgic logo has a different look now. New Twisters are in the forecast.

Social media accounts previewing a new season in a new league have appeared online.

In fact, an Arkansas Twisters website offers tickets at Verizon Arena.

Arena officials released a statement this week indicating negotiations are underway and dates are on hold, but nothing is finalized.

“I think the Twisters were done right in 2000,” Arnold says.

He recalls days of televised games, school talks and even a Father’s Day billboard promotion he did with his son.

It’s a time and a team that he hopes finds its way in 2019.

“Every Saturday, we knew we were going to be at Alltel Arena for six months out of the year,” Arnold says.

An Arkansas Twisters website is offering season ticket packages for as low as $85 and as high as $645.

The team says the season is expected to begin next month.