The new tax plan will have an effect on how much money each of us will have coming into 2018.

Kristina Bolhouse is a certified public accountant and financial planner with the Arkansas Financial Group Inc.

She shared some of her best advice to make the most out of you money starting now.

  1. Ramp Up Savings
    -Invest more and plan for non-monthly expenses with an emergency fund
  2. Set Small Goals (Make them Fun!)
    -Get your family to work toward a savings goal with a vacation fund as a part of it.
  3. Look at What You Have (vs. Buying More Things)
    -Sometimes a little extra effort can save a lot of money.
  4. Hang Out More With Your Frugal Friends
    -When those around you share your spending habits, it will be reinforced instead of pressured to conform or change.

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