There are actually two cold fronts affecting Arkansas’ weather this week. But the first one will not bring much more than a few hit-or-miss showers and a very slight drop in heat and humidity.

A few scattered showers and storms are likely Tuesday afternoon as the first front passes.

As this front stalls over southern Arkansas, we’ll keep some slight rain chances in the forecast through Wednesday. Otherwise, temperatures will be around average at 80 degrees Wednesday afternoon. From there, temperatures begin heating up again and humidity returns.

Tuesday’s cold front will drop temperatures to about average Wednesday. Then we heat up again into Thursday and Friday.

Our second cold front rolls in Friday afternoon and evening. This will come with a bit more force, allowing for even more scattered showers and storms later in the day. The slideshow below gives a general idea of Friday night’s storm timing.

A few of those could be on the strong to severe side. The main risk will likely involve damaging wind and some hail.

Friday’s cold front could bring a damaging wind and hail risk to much of central and southwest Arkansas.

These showers and storms will likely linger into the evening and overnight hours. But most of it is out of here by Saturday morning. Behind this front comes much cooler, drier air. Afternoon highs through the weekend will be in the mid and upper 70s. Overnight lows slip into the 50s by Sunday and Monday mornings.

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