FRIDAY NIGHT: Clouds thicken a bit more through the evening hours, leading up to what will be a rainy overnight. This rain spreads across western Arkansas late in the evening, becoming more widespread across central Arkansas through Saturday morning. Lows slip into the upper 50s.

With this heavy rain persisting through most of the night and lingering through much of your Saturday morning, some flash flooding cannot be ruled out. Keep this in mind if you plan on being outdoors, especially if camping along low-lying streams as water can rise quickly.

SATURDAY & BEYOND: Rain and a few storms will continue through midday on Saturday. But rain will gradually slack off into the afternoon, and even more so during the evening. Highs reach the mid-60s before dropping to the upper 40s and lower 50s Sunday morning.

Sunday brings more sunshine with highs near 70. Then Monday and Tuesday will be warmer with perhaps a couple of spotty showers.

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