INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — An Arkansas mother of a child whose father is Hunter Biden has filed a motion in court requesting that the girl be given Biden’s last name.

Lunden Roberts filed a motion for name change request in the Circuit Court of Independence County on December 27, 2022. DNA test results released on November 20, 2019 confirmed that Biden, 52, was the child’s father.

“The Biden name is now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute, and politically powerful.”

Lunden Roberts vs. Hunter Biden, Motion for Name Change, December 27, 2022

Roberts’ filing contained 13 numbered and bullet-pointed items to support the name change request. They included noting that “this child’s father was a wildly successful businessman” and that the child’s uncle, the late Beau Biden, “was a man of high moral character, loved and well-regarded by all, and the former Attorney General of the State of Delaware.”

The sixth point added that the child’s grandfather is currently the President of the United States.

“The child would benefit from carrying the Biden family name,” the motion added. “Just like her father and other family members.” It also claimed that the name change would “greatly impact and preserve her legacy as a member of the Biden family.”

The request also noted that “the defendant, the President, First Lady, and other members of the
Biden family remain estranged from the child” and that the name change would let the child “undeniably be known to the world as the child of the defendant and member of the
prestigious Biden family.”

Roberts first filed a petition for paternity and child support in May 2019 and a temporary order of child support was issued by the court on January 27, 2020. A final agreed order was filed on March 12, 2020, with the financial specifics of the support agreement redacted by the court.

In addition to monthly support, Biden was also ordered to pay for health insurance for the child as well as the mother’s attorney and legal fees.

On September 12, 2022, Biden’s attorney filed a motion to reset the child support amount, citing “a substantial material change in the Movant’s financial circumstances, including but not limited to his income.” Roberts’ attorney responded by filing a motion on October 1, 2022, asking the court to deny Biden’s request.

A subsequent filing by Roberts’ attorrney said that “it is widely known through publicly available documents that the defendant failed to fully report his income on his tax returns and that a California lawyer paid up to $2 million toward the defendant’s tax liability.”

“The defendant is attempting to stifle discovery into his financial affairs while simultaneously reducing his child support obligation on the claim that he now earns less income,” the filing stated.

The court has yet to rule on the name change request. On January 3, Biden was granted a continuance in the matter of resetting child support and a hearing is now scheduled for February 22.