Arkansas facing Christmas tree shortage as holidays approach


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Larry Lester began setting up his Christmas tree stand on Cantrell Rd and has options.

“Lots and lost of Frasier Firs, we have Noble Firs, we got Northern Firs, garland got lots of garlands, 500 wreaths coming in,” Lester said.

But even with those options, Lester said the sheer number of trees, much like everything else, is down this season.

“We are a little short on trees this year but we are going to provide trees for everybody,” he explained.

Lester said his supply of smaller trees is about what he normally has but trees that are over 8-feet tall are in much smaller supply.

“I don’t know if it’s the weather but the 9 to 10s they cut everybody 80%.  I normally get 200, I got 22 of them,” Lester said.

He said he was not the only one with a lower supply, it is nationwide.  With those numbers in mind, Lester is recommending anyone who wants those sizes of trees to go out early. 

Lester had a customer buy trees from them before they even got their trees off the trucks.

“Now we already had one customer come in and she spent $740 on Christmas trees already this morning.”

Lester said there will be a noticeable, but not detrimental, increase in Christmas tree prices this season.  Much of this is from the cost of moving goods.

“What I was paying from last year, the freight is twice as much.  Tree costs are going to run maybe a little more than last year, not much more,” Lester explained. 

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