Arkansas Deer Hunter’s Game Plan: Bag, Tag, Then Check Online

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LITTLE ROCK, AR (News release) – Something to remember for this 2014-15 deer hunting season: Bag it. Tag it. Then use your smart phone app or the Internet to check your deer.

In the past, more than 50 percent of the deer checked in Arkansas have been by phone call. It costs the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission $2.35 per call when a deer is checked by a phone call. In comparison, it only costs the agency 50 cents per deer checked through a smartphone app or over the Internet. 

AGFC deer program coordinator Cory Grays says hunters can still call in to check their deer, but using the smartphone apps or the Internet can save the agency money that could go back into habitat management and targeted land acquisitions among other things. “More and more people are using the apps or the Internet. That savings can go a long way towards helping improve the state’s deer herd,” Gray said. 

When you get a deer, that’s bagging it. Before anything else, before you move the deer or holler at buddies to come see it, tag it as required by regulations. Then you can haul it to camp or home or anywhere else. Once that is done, checking it is required in the reporting process. If you so choose, you can make the report from right where the deer is. You may check the deer online at or through the agency’s smartphone apps available in Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store. The number to call is 866-305-0808. You have 24 hours to do this after bagging the deer. 

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