LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Attorney General Tim Griffin announced Tuesday he is working with state legislators to make Arkansas’ current gun laws easier to understand.

He said while current laws in Arkansas help protect the Second Amendment, they have gotten overcomplicated and hard for legislators, state leaders, and other Arkansans to follow.

Speaking to KARK 4 News, he referenced policies dealing with the right to carry and journeys, dealing gun owners traveling through states where they do not have a license to carry.

Griffin said while he has wanted to do this long before he was elected as attorney general, he has seen the problem firsthand even more since his new role.

He said his office often gets calls from people confused about the protections.

“They’re overly complex, they’re difficult to understand, they use language that doesn’t make sense sometimes, so people have to go to an attorney,” Griffin said. “We just want to make it clear where an Arkansan can read it and know exactly what their rights are.”

Griffin said he will be working with State Senators Ricky Hill (R-Cabot) and Terry Rice (R-Waldron), and Rep. Howard Beaty (R-Crossett) on legislation to address the issue. He added that they are open to input from Arkansans while they are in the process.

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