Area 51 stormed in Sherwood: Extraterrestrial parties ensue


Area 51 was stormed in Sherwood Saturday. The long-awaited, national headline-making day finally arrived.

While no one actually stormed the military base in Nevada, extra-terrestrial parties happened around the US- even one here in Sherwood- and what better place for it, than a bar with the same name.

Bar patron Dale Freeman, who does not believe in aliens, said “there’s something going on there that they don’t want the world to know about, but what it is, who knows?”

While some wanted answers from the government, most said the storming idea was not the best.

“It’s just silly,” Tracie Carrion said. “People are going to get hurt and it’s sad… I ain’t about gettin’ shot. That’s not me- I like living.”

The bar owner had t-shirts made for attendees. The party began after sunset and a live band performed.

Freeman said the event was an opportunity for “people to get together, voice their opinions and have fun.”

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