ARDOT crews fixing Independence County split highway


INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, Ark. – Plenty of work is moving forward on Highway 14 in Independence County, but it’s causing a halt for drivers. 

“We’re trying to go to his cabin for spring break,” Bailey said. 

As Bailey and her boyfriend look for another way around the closed road, Batesville fire chief Brent Gieghorn is keeping a close eye on process.

“It’s a hamper when this road is closed,” Gieghorn said. 

It’s not in his fire district, but if someone needed to be rescued here, his crews would respond. 

“Whether it’s high angle, on the sides of the hill, or whether it’s a vehicle extraction,” he explains. 

He says this has been a trouble area for some time. ARDOT says saturated soil has caused the road to split into two. 

“It’s dangerous when it’s uneven,” Gieghorn said. “It nearly runs through the center line of the highway and of course it’s crooked.” 

Gieghorn says it’s been fixed a number of times, “in the past, the state’s worked diligently to try to to resolve the problem, but it keeps creating a problem.” 

He’s hopeful a solution won’t go south.

“I think they are working toward an end all. That would be the goal,” Gieghorn said. 

That way emergency crews, and drivers, won’t have to go the long way around. 

“We got to get to work, we got to get home, we got to get to school, and there are a lot of people who come into the Mountain View area that come into the Batesville area,” he said. 

ARDOT crews are working to make Highway 14 safe for people looking to hit the open road, especially for spring break, like Bailey. 

“Now, we have to find another road,” Bailey said. 

To find out when crews will open up the road, you can visit 

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