AR Woman Falls 100 Feet from Cliff


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A call for help after a man see’s a woman, who looks to be in trouble, about 60 feet up on the side of a rocky hill, near the River Trail in North Little Rock Thursday night. 

“I haven’t seen her move from where she is…She’s laying there pretty precariously. “She’s moving but not responsive to calls or anything.”

Police say the woman is Jennifer Bartholmey, 26, and is seriously injured after a nasty spill, but will survive. 

Firefighters say the injured woman fell nearly 100 feet from a cliff above.  

“Shocked, kind of felt all night like it wasn’t real life,” says April Bartholmey. 

Her twin sister, April, says she’s been by her sister’s side since the accident happened. 

“It’s pretty hard to keep it together,” says April. 

April says her sister cannot talk, but does respond to sounds and touch. 

“She opened her eyes a couple of times. So that was encouraging to see that,” says April. 

She says Jennifer is familiar with the running trail on top of the cliff. 

“We grew up in this area. So, it’s kind of a closer place if we want to go do something,” says April. 

And is wondering exactly how her sister fell. 

“We’re both kind of athletes. So it was kind of odd to me … kind of coordinated,” says April. 

No matter how the accident happened. 

“She’d probably been there for a while,” says April. 

She’s thankful a good Samaritan, curious about the woman he saw on the side of the hill, stopped to call 911. 

“Yes she has waved her arm a couple of times. She’s moving but she is not responding to our asking if she needs help.”

“I don’t know how he saw her, but the grace of God he did,” says April. 

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