IDA, AR- A normal day in the woods takes an unusual turn for one Cleburne County family. Terry Byrd and his 72-year-old mother Maxine were hunting six miles north of Greers Ferry Lake on Wednesday. The two were in the woods of their Ida backyard, staking out the scene from a deer stand, when a buck came within 60 yards.

“We were just sitting there talking and it walked up and I said mom that’s a big buck. It’s very exceptional, it had a 17 inch spread, a 9 point,” says Terry. “But we got a surprise.”

Maxine took a shot, but it wasn’t until they got back home to skin it, when the so-called buck revealed its true self.

“I reached up with a knife, that’s when I saw it,” says Terry.

“He came and got me and said ‘mom you gotta see this,'” says Maxine.

“I’ve never seen this before,” says Terry.

“It just had girl parts!” laughs Maxine.

All Terry could say was, “Wow, I didn’t know what to think at that point.”

They had discovered a doe with fully matured antlers. Maxine has shot several deer, but nothing like this.

“This is my first doe with horns, yes,” says Maxine.

Officials with Arkansas Game and Fish went to Ida to document the rare kill and confirmed the doe, but tagged it a buck because it has antlers. A deer biologist says a doe with antlers is unusual and has documented three of them in the natural state in his 15 year career. A doe’s hormones and high testosterone levels have a lot to do with antler growth. They say a doe with antlers are most likely unable to reproduce.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m proud of her,” says Terry.

It’s a trophy the Byrds plan to mount and lease for display. Another hunting trip is planned this weekend in the same spot.

“I might be afraid to get another one! I don’t know,” says Maxine.

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