Update: LR Police Fire Officer after April Incident at Fayetteville Bar

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Update (September 5):
LITTLE ROCK, AR – A city police officer has been fired following the investigation into an incident at a Fayetteville bar back in April.

The Little Rock Police Department says a letter of termination was sent yesterday to Officer Jeffrey Harris.

According to investigators, Harris was off-duty and drinking at Billy’s Bar & Grill when he and another off-duty officer got into a fight. Both were accused of pulling out their weapons.

“You are being terminated for violations of the General Orders and Rules & Regulations,” the letter stated.

One violation under General Orders was cited in the letter, along with five violations under Rules & Regulations.

Harris can appeal the termination to the Little Rock Civil Service Commission
in writing within 10 days from the date he was notified.

Original story (April 15):
LITTLE ROCK, AR – The Little Rock Police Department has relieved Officer Jeffrey Harris of duty after it was determined he was involved in a physical altercation in Fayetteville.

Reports said Officer Harris was in possession of a handgun and did display that handgun during the altercation.

Officer Harris has been an officer with the department since November of 2011.

He is now the subject of an internal investigation.

Original story (April 14): FAYETTEVILLE, AR – Usually police are brought in to break up bar fights, but Fayetteville Police say two off-duty officers were involved in one.

Officials say one of those officers is from Little Rock.

It happened at Billy’s Bar and Grill off Razorback Road.

The bar manager says the two cops were causing problems all night. When they were confronted, he says, they started a fight.

The owner says when police arrived on the scene, the men were allowed to leave. He is asking for a full investigation.

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