Suspected Burglar Jailed after Citizen’s Arrest

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BENTON, AR – An Arkansas homeowner takes the law into his own hands and chases a burglary suspect in Benton.

That homeowner, Zac Bradley, said he was a base stealer for his college baseball team which is ironic since he was able to out-run a man who was trying to steal from his family.

The Legacy Village subdivision with it’s long stretches of manicured lawns and nice cars sitting in driveways, some might see, as a magnet for thieves on the prowl for valuables.

Valuables like those found in Zac Bradley’s garage, which is where he heard strange noises and went to investigate.

“There was a gentleman scurrying under the door,” Bradley said. “I’ve got a 5, 1-year-old and my wife and my immediate reaction was to go get him,” he said.

Most people’s gut reaction might be to call police, but Bradley’s was to chase the man.

“In my houseshoes, in the rain, I chased him screaming ‘I’m going to catch you’ … and I did,” he said, running all the way to a nearby cul-de-sac, where he found the man had been cornered.

“As soon as I realized I was going to catch him, I felt fear for the first time,” Bradley said.

But he ignored the feeling and approached the man who, thankfully, was unarmed.

“I then sat on him and called 911 and waited until the blue lights got there,” he said.

Making a citizen’s arrest.

“Like Barney Fife,” he laughed.

The officers took the man, 23-year-old Kenneth Allison into custody.

He was charged with possession of narcotics and stolen property and then they thanked their substitute patrolman for making the neighborhood safe again.

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