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ErrollMcIntire has seen and experienced a lot in his 82 years. Today, he isone of the first Arkansans to undergo a heart procedure in thestate’s only hybrid operating room dedicated to cardiovascularpatients.

Thehybrid lab is a blending of contemporary technologies that crossesthe fields of cardiovascular surgery, cardiology, and interventionalradiology.

SurgeonFred Meadors says Mr. McIntire is a prime example of the surgical andradiological capabilities of the hybrid O.R.

Recently,doctors diagnosed McIntire as having an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Hehas opted for a less invasive endovascular repair.

Itis a combined approach between us the surgeons and interventionalradiology where we pass guide wires through the femoral arteries inthe groin.

Usinghigh-tech imaging equipment and 56 inch monitors, radiologists canensure precise placement of a stent which will take pressure off ofthe aneurysm.

Patientshave smaller incisions and a much shorter recovery time than withopen heart surgery.

Itallows us to treat patients in one theater in one location. Earlierthis week, we did a similar case to Mr. McIntire. At the end of thecase instead of just doing conventional angiography where theradiologist injects die and we take pictures, we have capability todo cat scans and ct angiograms in the OR.Itallows us to utilize decision making and judgments about the qualityof the outcome.

Abetter outcome and a faster recovery mean the quicker McIntire canget back to a little R&R.

That’sremote and recliner.”

Surgeonsplan to perform transcatheter aortic valve replacement using thehybrid lab in the near future.

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