SOAR Network Developing Homeless Enrichment Program

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Advocates for the homeless participating in the SOAR Network are developing a new incentive personal achievement program to help the homeless help themselves, and they’re looking for volunteers to help.

Participants will learn new communication and problem-solving skills then set goals to get back on their feet.  As they make steps they’ll receive points toward donated items such as furniture, gift certificates and more.

“A lot of them out here unfortunately have gotten to the point of day to day survival and don’t really think about long term goals or think, ‘how can I get somewhere better.’ It’s how can I get through today. We want them to get beyond that,’ says SOAR coordinator Dennis Beavers.

Organizers are still developing the program but say they’re looking for volunteers to hold goal-setting workshops. To learn more about the project and volunteer opportunities with SOAR click here.

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