Real Estate Class Enrollment Drops Following Realtor’s Death

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LITTLE ROCK, AR- A high-profile murder case in Pulaski County, may be deterring potential real estate agents. One Little Rock Real Estate School says it’s seeing class sizes drop 50 percent this month, following the murder of realtor Beverly Carter.

Real Estate Broker Phyllis Harrington has been showing homes for more than 12 years now. It’s a job she says inspired her to get others involved at the Real Estate School of Profession in Little Rock.

“People are afraid to get attend real estate school or just get into real estate,” says Phyllis Harrington, Real Estate Instructor.

Phyllis believes Carter’s murder painted a bad light on real estate.

“Actually I just spoke to one this morning. That was one of their questions is about what happened with Beverly Carter,” she says.

The recent decline in enrollment is hurting business, she says. It’s a business that thrives on putting potential real estate agents through school consistently. Phyllis says other schools are feeling the effect.

“Several of them indicated to me that they’re having the same low enrollment problem as I’m having,” she says.

Recently, the Real Estate Commission formed a task force to implement a safety course in its schools. While safety has always been on the forefront, instructors are putting an extra emphasis on it now.

“Watch your surroundings. Be careful, don’t go out and meet a client alone,” says Harrington.

She also suggests doing more research and using the buddy system. In the wake of the September tragedy, Phyllis reminds future real estate agents it could’ve happened to anyone in any profession.

“I’ve raised my children with real estate, I’ve sold many houses all over the state of Arkansas, so there’s a lot of great opportunities in real estate,” she says.

Real estate schools offer a two week pre-licensing course, which prepares you for the Arkansas Real Estate Exam. If you’re interested in real estate, you can contact Phyllis at 501-804-0747 or All training is provided and no experience is necessary.

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