Portion Of Pipeline Runs Through Water Source

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Portion Of Pipeline Runs Through Water Source_4904990540198923645
MAYFLOWER, AR — The ExxonMobil Pipeline that ruptured in Mayflower runs directly through the Lake Maumelle watershed.

The same one that provides the drinking water to nearly 400,000 people in Central Arkansas.

You get a brief glimpse of the exposed line just feet from Lake Maumelle before it quickly goes back underground.

“We’re well aware its there as well as the risk associated with it,” said John Tynan with Central Arkansas Water.

He said the line goes through the lake Maumelle watershed and is something they keep a close eye on. Especially now after Friday’s leak.

“Our first action was to call Exxon,” said Tynan. “Confirm it was outside the boundaries of the watershed.”

CWA said they take preventive measures to keep oil out of the water and also to help minimize the risk if there is a spill in that area.

Tynan added that they’ve been in constant communication with Exxon keeping up with the latest information on the Mayflower spill.

“As well as staying in touch on any follow up efforts they have to minimize the risk of any other spills in the region,” said Tynan.

As the rain hit Saturday the question of run-off became a concern. Also questions of possible contamination.

“We have regulatory and voluntary efforts available to minimize that pollution and keep it from getting into the lake,” said Tynan.

These are concerns CAW said they are monitoring and have under control.

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