Parent Angry Over School’s Protocol Ahead Of Severe Weather

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The school said they turned the buses around and got the students to a safe location immediately, but this mother said she wished they had done a better job communicating with parents.

Last Wednesday in Russellville there was the very real possibility of severe weather.

A parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, said her children were let to leave on their busses as if it were a normal day.

“I believe it was 3:16 when sirens went off and I knew then some of my children were on a bus on way to another school,” she said. “And I hadn’t received word about where they were going or their safety.”

The school sends out text alerts to notify parents when there is extreme weather.

This parent said she did not receive a single alert until exactly 3:39.

“So from the time the bell rang at the school to load them on the bus,” she said. “We’re looking at 40 minutes before I knew. And as a mother it was a bit scary,” she said.

Bad timing on a storm that came through town.

Superintendent for Russellville Schools, Randall Williams, said the first priority when a storm like this hits is student’s safety.

“What we did as soon as we got notification,” he said, “Was to get children to safe areas quickly.”

Williams said they did have busses already in route but they were diverted to a safe location immediately.

“We got a lot of favorable response from parents not just the way we handled it but that they knew about it very quickly,” he said.

This mother however wonders why students are let out early for snow, but when there is a possible tornado they were kept the entire school day.

“We do live in tornado alley,” she said. “Everyone knew it was coming…Just let moms and dads know the plan of action,” she said.

Russellville Schools said they take severe weather extremely seriously and in fact are one of the few districts that have safe rooms in all their schools.

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